Our patients say it best…

“Dr. Aviles, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service you gave when you did my root canal. As I told you, I have had a lifelong childhood fear of “the dentist” and I was so pleased with everything that I experienced at your office. Thank you for the special care.”

– Karen H.

“Dr. Avilés, Thank you for taking me out of pain! Yourself and your assistant are wonderful! Thank you.”

– Wendy F.

“Dear Dr. Avilés, Thank you so very much for taking such wonderful care of me during the procedure. You made me feel so comfortable and I really appreciate how you talked me through – eliminating any anxiety. You are a nurturer! It is a pleasure meeting you and your professional staff… and giving me a chance to speak my dialect 14th century Spanish with you. I wish you and yours the best. Con amistad, “

– Name withheld

“Thank you ALL for the great work!!”

– Andrew

“Dr. Avilés, Thank you so much for a great “root canal appt.” It was so thorough and you explained before and after the process. No need for Advil at all. Happy Holidays to you and your staff.”

– Eleanor M.

“For a great Doctor and your wonderful support staff, thank you for saving my tooth!”

– Michael

“Thank you! My tooth feels great. Hope you guys are all well!”

– Sue B.

“The dreaded news came from my general dentist, “You may need a ROOT CANAL.” Having heard many horror stories about the procedure, I was filled with anxiety, apprehension and dread. I wanted the evaluation immediately. Living with the unknown was unbearable. If my catastrophic expectations were close to reality, I was doomed. Being allergic to most pain medications only made the fear greater. Meeting Dr. Aviles was a pleasant surprise. He clearly knew how to diagnose the problem and what to do about it. His professional acumen, pleasant personality and uncanny ability to read non-verbal behavior added up to a very different dental experience. He clearly explained the treatment options and I decided to have the procedure immediately. The good news? Though warned of the probability of pain that night and perhaps the following day, there was NONE. The prescription for pain medication? Unfilled!”

– Nancy A.

“Thank you! You and your office are great.”

– Judy S.

“Dr. Aviles, thanks for taking care of my poor tooth #12 and its root canal. I just wanted to quickly thank you wish you a good weekend and let you know that so far there is no pain nor any other weird feelings in the tooth. I haven’t taken any advils since the 400mg that I took early in the morning before even coming to your practice. So everything seems to be fine. Thank you so much! Have a great weekend!”

– Nina K.

“Dear Dr. Aviles, Thanks to your compassionate care, I was able to get my mother the treatment she so desperately needed to relieve her considerable pain. Your assistance is appreciated more than words can express.”

– Kim M.

“Thank you, everyone, for a “dreaded visit” that turned out to be so nice! I noticed the wonderful energy just as I walked into your office yesterday, and you (the entire staff and Dr. Aviles) are so warm and welcoming and pleasant! Again, thank you! You lifted by spirit! Your generosity and beauty of spirit is a blessing.”

– Narita R.

“Dr. Aviles and Staff: We want to thank you all for the professional and special treatment you give to every patient. Gail and I feel that we are always in the best care and are so glad that you are there. You make it a pleasure to get a root canal done! Many thanks.”

– Mike and Gail

“This is a small token to thank you for all that you have done for me the last few weeks. You are all awesome and I will never forget you. Words and this gift just do not seem enough and I wish that I could do more. Enjoy! I am doing great and see you in October.”

– Mona S.

“Thank you!! Thank you for: taking me in at the last minute; answering all our questions; treating both of us with empathy and respect; your courtesy and professionalism; oh yeah, and fixing my tooth!!! I felt worlds better right away. You guys were great! THANK YOU!”

– Jerry and Gina D.

“Dr. Aviles and staff, this thank you is long overdue. But I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate all the time you took to work on my #19. I just wish I would have got to you sooner before the laser mishap! You really are a wonderful endodontist! I tell everyone I can about you and your awesome work! Thank you so much! You’re amazing!”

– Rebecca

“Dear Dr. Luis Aviles: Thank you very much for taking care of my tooth. You’re a wonderful doctor who is very skillful, compassionate, ethical and beyond! Your staff is also very helpful and friendly. I truly appreciate your hard work and will continue to recommend you to all my friends and family.”

– Grace C.

“Dear Dr. Aviles: I feel fortunate to be your patient because of you giving me great root canals. I’m able to keep the tooth, discomfort-free, and eat normally. Thank you for being calming by the chair-side and making the whole root canal experience as positive as possible! And, the whole team like Linda and Lisette is very friendly and helpful too.”

– Grace C.

Reviews from Yelp.com:

“Amazing dentist. No pain, no problems. Dr. Aviles definitely seems to care about my comfort and my treatment outcome. If I needed another root canal I would definitely give him a call.”

– Tom R.

“I went to Dr. Aviles for an emergency root canal. Everyone I spoke to on the phone while scheduling the appointment was pleasant, helpful and proactive in getting me in immediately. Dr. Aviles himself was great. It wasn’t clear what the source of my pain was, and he took the time to discuss it at length with me and even listened carefully to my opinion on which of two possible teeth could be causing the pain. He also spent time testing the various teeth to make sure we were getting the right one that was causing the pain, even though I came in explicitly to have a specific one done. Then, he was extremely patient and careful while numbing the area, and spent over 30 minutes getting the entire area numb, which was very difficult do to how inflamed the nerves were. Once he did that, the rest of the procedure was quick and comfortable. As a bonus, a very nice woman named Sasha sat with me while I was waiting for the Dr., and repeatedly apologized that he was taking a long time, even though the wait was very, very short relative to other places I’ve been.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of needing a root canal, go to Dr. Aviles. He and his staff are great.”

– Sebastian G.

“If you have to have a root canal this is your person!!! The office staff is nice and professional. Dr. Aviles is the best. He is gentle and very good at what he does. I have had a couple of root canals in my day and no, they are not fun, but Dr. Aviles makes it not so bad.

Easy to get to location.”

– Regina C.

“This is my first time writing a doctor review simply because I never experienced a doctor who deserved the time and effort to write one.

Dr Aviles absolutely is simply the best at what he does. He is professional, does an expert job and is a calm, confident doctor, making a patient feel very comfortable.

I got a root canal done with him and it was simply an excellent, thorough, clean job. He even schedules a free follow up appointment with you a month or two out to make sure things are going well.

He is pricey but well worth the money spent”

– Z A.

“I went to Dr. Aviles on a referral from my dentist for my first root canal. Now I’m probably like most people – I hate going to the dentist and I fear the thought of a root canal or oral surgery of any sort. To make a long story short, Dr. Aviles is The Best-est! I was so pleasantly surprised after he did his work. There was no pain whatsoever during the procedure and very little after and his bedside manner is awesome because he explains AND let’s you ask q’s or whatnot and you don’t feel like your worries are “stupid” because he discusses things with you. He’s so approachable, friendly, and intelligent. His office even has a little TV to watch while having your root canal done. I had to go to him a second time later on to check on my root canal and he took the time to check it thoroughly without me needing an appointment (because my dentist called him and told me to go there right away.)

All I have to say is I highly recommend Dr. Aviles as your orthodontist for any root canal. Even my dentist said he sent one of his relatives there too. And guess what?? He was actually listed as one of the top 25 dentist in Seattle Monthly (or something). I saw it on the receptionist table, hehe. Um..btw, lol, this is a real recommendation even though it sounds almost too good to be true. :D”

– Mary K.

“He is the best to go to for a root canal. I have a pleasant experience every time I visit him. The staff is great too. He takes special measures to give full information about your teeth and what exactly he is going to work on. I strongly recommend Dr. Luis Aviles :)”

– Jaee S.

“Dr Aviles’ office is fine and clean and handy for Microsoft and his assistants perfectly good but nothing that stands out. What makes it great is Dr Aviles. Two reasons:

(1) He is extraordinarily patient, calm and soft spoken, his voice is serene to the point of hypnotic. If you see him you will immediately see what I mean. He makes you think you are his only patient and answers all your questions before doing anything.

(2) He is very thorough and competent. I had two front root canals at once, there was no discomfort or issues and he spent some time trying to reach a tiny bit left at the end of the canal until he figured out a trick to get it. No problems since.

A year or two later I had a soreness in a back tooth and my regular dentist referred me again as it hurt and he couldn’t figure it out. Dr Aviles spent some considerable time gently probing the area, tapping, and using water jets of different temperatures to try to localize it. Embarrassingly by the time I got to him the pain had cured itself but he was totally nice about that and it hasn’t come back.”

– D M

“Dr Aviles is AWESOME and I HATE THE DENTIST!!! Really! It takes me 2 Ativan, some happy gas and noise cancelling headphones with the music cranked just to get a CLEANING! So a root canal? NOT! Well, this guys is the bees knees. He thoughtful, caring, considerate, understanding, knowledgable and patient. His work is top notch – I should know, I am on my 7th root canal – and I haven’t found a better endodontist. Go forth and conquer knowing you are in good hands with Dr. Aviles and his staff. Oh, and Linda at the front desk is a rock star!”

– Mauraan S.

“I highly recommend Dr Aviles and his staff. I had to redo an old root canal.  He is very good at listening to you to determine how to treat your problem. He takes time to explain things to you and overall has a very pleasant manner around his patients. You don’t feel rushed. All the staff I had contact with were also very nice and efficient. The procedure went well and I had very little discomfort afterwards, just some sensitivity, but nothing that a few Advil could not take care of. They called me up for checking up on me after each of the two procedures.”

– Cascadian B.

“Dr. Aviles is GREAT! I was referred to him for a root canal and he was wonderful. He explains everything very carefully, checks in often, makes sure that all questions are answered and is gentle in his work. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a root canal. He also let me play my music through my headphones as loud as I wanted, and after the appointment was over told me that he enjoyed listening to it (apparently I had it up loud enough for him to hear it as well!)”

– AG M.

We appreciate your trust and your kind words for Dr. Avilés and our team. We love to hear our patients’ feedback and, for your convenience, here are the links to our pages in Yelp.com and Angie’s List, if you’d like to share with others your experience at our office: